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Paradigm is the definition of excellent service and fine quality research. Since 1993, Paradigm Research has delivered the finest publications for CX and LD debaters, produced by recognized debate experts, supported an exceptional pre- and post-transaction service structure, and widely recognized for quality at every step in the process of conception and execution. Our staff has always included the finest researchers that produce positions that are theoretically sound and competitively strong.

Our primary focus in "academic debate" provides a horizon of research skills broad enough to satisfy all of your research and on-site education needs. We can assist your organization with a variety of research and issue-oriented services such as: Experiential Debate - debates for fun or education tailored to your organization's needs, Focus Research - group study for organizational, marketing, or educational focus, Legal Research - case background investigation and document retrieval, Position Development - literature based research for education and political projects, Workplace Training - educational experiences designed for your needs.

There's no need to expend valuable time training your team to accomplish tasks for which they are poorly suited - let them do what they do best - then turn to us for the research. If you can imagine a research objective, your Paradigm Research team can do it. We are your all-in-one research solution for entertainment, market development, or task completion.


Your management team is founded on two professionals that established the Paradigm principles and standards that have made this operation stand above all others in every quantitative and qualitative angle of product quality.

Jeff Rutledge, Attorney at Law - Productions Director (Email Jeff)

He's been in debate since 1980 - and has experienced great success at all levels of interscholastic debate - as a competitor, judge, and coach. His educational background is rooted in business - Strategic Management as an undergraduate and Finance as a graduate student - Jeff holds a Juris Doctor and is a member of the Texas Bar. Jeff's special attention to detail is reflected in the internal integrity of the products delivered by Paradigm - each demonstrating the "tight engineering" expected of detailed research documents. You'll see Jeff's stamp in Paradigm strategic business modeling, product conception, product layout and design, as well as legal management, marketing and web site/e-commerce deployment. Jeff is also a featured contributor to selected Paradigm publications - notably as long-time Editor of the popular Paradigm LD Topic Analysis series.

Jay Taylor - Operations Director (Email Jay)

Jay's commitment to service started with his degree in Hospitality Management and his "past" professional life as a successful hotelier and restauranteur - he knows that all clients expect and deserve to be treated with great care. You'll see these instincts as you observe the exceptional responsiveness exhibited by the Paradigm service staff. Jay guides this staff as they manage inventory production, rigorous quality review, order reception and processing, and management of accounts. Jay serves as the lead Proof Editor which guarantees that every publication meets Paradigm's industry-leading quality standards.



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